The best interior designer & decorator in Kolkata would offer you the following design options

In this kind of interior design and decoration, the rooms are usually given an organised and harmonious look. The furnishing of a certain room is generally done around a specific focal point and classic furniture made of dark coloured wood and ornate carvings are used for the decoration.

In traditional interior design and decoration, the furniture items, predominantly consisting of decorative carvings and designs, are placed in pairs. The majority of the designers and decorators use floral prints for traditional décor while keeping the fabric colours and patterns understated. A traditional interior design and decoration are known for its attention to detail and consistency.

Proper contemporary interior design and decoration consist of unique and customised furniture items. In this kind of home décor, a predominance of various types of smooth geometric shapes and frequent use of curved lines is fairly discernible.

The urban interior design and decoration is made in an industrial manner with a fair amount of open spaces and furniture typically made of materials like hardwood, metal, or bricks. If you want your room to look simple yet elegant in an unpretentious way, this kind of interior design and decoration can be the perfect option.

Modern interior design and decoration is the most suitable option for relatively smaller rooms as amplifying space is their main characteristic. Excessive decorations and the presence of too many accessories is strictly avoided in this design. With more and more apartments being raised every year in Kolkata and subsequently people being used to living in smaller places, this interior décor has become one of the most popular choices. Besides having multiple designs and decoration options, hiring interior designers and decorators in Kolkata from a decent company can be beneficial in many other ways.