♦ With the rising popularity of the real estate industry, most of the people in Kolkata is giving more priority to apartments rather than houses. Most of us longed for taking the possession of a new flat or we might already have an old flat that looks rather obsolete. In this case, our main desire includes redesigning of our old houses to give them a modern and aesthetically friendly look. For making this happen, you need to hire a professional flat interior designer, who can help you out in Kolkata.

♦ Apartments in Kolkata generally do not come with a significant amount of vacant places in comparison with someone’s own house. As a result, flat interior services generally incorporate the urban or modern style of decoration avoiding baroque furniture items and an overabundance of various accessories. A good interior designer appointed for this kind of services would help you figure out the proper placement of lighting, furniture, an arrangement of marbles or mosaic, and the combination of colours to enhance the beauty of your apartment to the maximum extent. Flat interior designers pay close attention in amplifying the available space in your rooms so that the environment remains comfortable in an elegant and unfussy way rather than being claustrophobic.

♦ Professional interior specialists can visualise the interior design opportunities for a 2 BHK and 3 BHK flat and gather the prerequisites needed for executing them successfully. Interior design includes the consideration of several factors like the workable square feet area of the flat, number of available rooms, wall paintings (if needed), proper use of raw materials and the combination of furniture and lighting.